The Pledge Building
Visitor System

The Pledge - Visitor System

Welcome to the Pledge Building Visitor System!

In order to submit visitors to security you are required to login to this system.

Site News & Updates

8/17/2023 – A completely new Visitor System has been completed and will be put into operation shortly.  You will need to re-register a new account on the new system.  The new system is online for you to see at

11/7/2022 – New Visitor System is currently Under Development and should be completed within the next few weeks.  The system will be pretty much the same but with less bugs and outages.
8/25/2022 – Bulk Visitor Upload issue has been resolved.  System is back online and operational.
8/23/2022 – Bulk Visitor Upload Issues…   Researching issue.
2/17/2022 – Bulk Visitor Upload is back online.   Please submit a ticket if you have any issues.
2/1/2022 – “Bulk Visitor Upload” has been taken offline.  It will be back online soon.
1/25/2022 – Issue with the “Bulk Visitor Upload” has been resolved.